Social Media Strategy Assessment

What process might you enhance or implement within your organization for evaluating your social media efforts?

The right social media marketing strategy for any company to adapt is knowing that change is the norm.

Further, what distinguishes traditional media from social media is, in the past technology reach was staggeringly slow in growth as it took radio, television and even the internet years before seeing mass consumption of the media.

When it came to reaching lots of people the proportion between technology and technology were far apart in years as well. Today Technology is rivaling with each other, “within a span of five years, internet search giant Google has a new and noble challenger in Facebook. Social media strategists need to understand now that change is itself a norm.” What motivates this transfer of power has to do with users’ preference, “to be able to participate with their favorite brands in one way or another” (p. 1, SNHU).

For the social media strategists this not only means staying a breast of technological changes, but also in the world of constant changes understanding how technology influences social media users. More importantly is to stay in constant assessment of the social media strategy in view of these constant changes (SHNU).

Samir Balwani advises social media strategists to review their strategies. He concludes that the brand strategist should habitually revisit strategies for best optimization. Balwani suggests a social media strategy audit every quarter and before a new campaign that focus on the “brand’s current strategy, the community sentiment, and current conversation topics…compiling the research into one place helps outline exactly what data is important, whether there are any overlaps in marketing channels, and how the brand can further optimize their strategy” (p.1).



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