Inson Wood

Inson Wood, architect, interior designer and partner at Inson Dubois Wood is certain one to think like a quintessential ‘rock star.’

Inson is very involved on social media.  His medium of preference is clearly Facebook, but he makes good use of other social media platforms such as his blog, twitter and Linkedin.

Inson incorporates a photo narrative on FB that includes an impressionable “hi-end” lifestyle and targeted audience.

However, Inson is a success on FB because he doesn’t just sell his services.  Approximately, 25% of Inson’s social media efforts are directed to his interior design company.

The other 75%, he makes his presence felt on FB that includes socializing and collaborating with luxury brands such as Ivanka Trump, Ferrari, and Jeff Koons.

Inson just doesn’t stop there, he includes a family narrative that highlights familiar faces that elicit responses from his fans such as, “oh, he’s so cute, he looks just like you.”

He advocates for charity, he shares his Christmas vacation with his family, and his passion for skiing and cycling.

Inson tempers his photos with comments advice, and humor.  His FB page is unparalleled.   According to Inson, “I attempt to live by example as well as unveil a life of pursuing excellence that all may aspire to regardless of financial background, i.e. we can all read, exercise, do something with friends or family, go to museums, create something, socialize, shop or window-shop.”

He is selling a lifestyle not services per se.  Much like Apple doesn’t sell cell phone or computers, but is a culture.

However, what makes his SM campaign sublime is his distinct attention to disparate objects, structure, and style.  Inson Wood designs diverge, almost disagreeing.

For example, Inson New Year’s message on FB was that we were all one.

For example, Inson designs choices and photos exhibitions appear unrelated.

  • Jeff Koons (Neo-Pop artist, American Main Stream)
  • Pablo Picasso (Spanish, Classical Main Steam)
  • Richard Serra (American Minimalist, Sculptor and Video Artist)
  • Takashi Murakami (Japanese, Pop artist)
  • Inson’s family art (Korean & European background at work in his art and interior designs)
  • Daiem Hirst (British Neo-Pop –artist)
  • Leger (Cubist, French), Diacometti, Marc Chagall (French) and Edwina Sandys.

Inson interior designs and architecture run the nugget from classical to, and in my opinion, Post…Post Modernism.

Inson’s targeted audience of his own acknowledgement, “Top Interior Designer in New York City.  Hi-end Residential projects, published in Architectural Digest, Vogue, Interior Design, Traditional Home and Monacilli Press Book, ‘Designers Abroad.”

Inson blends luxury, an opulent discourse coupled with ordinary people and mundane lifestyle choices that affect us all—no matter the class.  Inson is inclusive in his exclusivity.

In collaborating with Brides Magazine, “A Newlywed Nest” and furnishing of penthouse apartments, Inson Wood designs are completely furnished from Ikea.

Inson Debois Wood excels on SM because the chosen “rock star” to represent his company makes his audience fall in love with him.

And while his message is opulence, his message is clear on FB that he does not discriminate.  He incorporates highbrow with lowbrow, he imposes dreams onto our realities, and extends our perception into disparate realities not patterned in our ordinary sensibility.  In other words, Inson is no quiet hero.

When I asked Inson how he measured his social media success, he had this to say:

Huge, my own blog allows me to control all google searches and Facebook has reached out across the globe coming full circle so allowing me to be omnipresent and an authority on design and a mentor to children and billionaires alike.  Promoting a sincere awareness to charitable giving—everyone likes authenticity.

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