Solving Small Businesses SM Dilemma

Megan Gassman, reading through the treads of all the people who posted on Robert’s post is indicative of the work that involves, “sift[ing] through all the feedback?” (Dr. Dickinson).

Megan your advice to ‘read’ and to couple software seems the only way to go, but other issues arises.  To begin with Millie raises one challenge, ‘reducing work force’ and recommends using monitoring communicator’ such as Salesfore Marketing.”

I agree that the ‘Marketing/Operations’ monitoring mentioned can and should be moved to “out-house’ to firms like “Labyrinthrealism, Brooklyn’s Social Media Marketing Firm,”  while the “in-house” should go to the employees to control content.

The Marketing/Operations, @Labyrinthrealis/twitter is:

one, working for the business owner to plan a successful SM strategy for 2014.

two, measure results and provide feedback.

Advice to the business owner can take the forms of recommending a new paint job, to which customers to target on SM platforms.

On the other hand, employees can in truth become the “rock star” (Mark Collier) of the company and this can be accomplished with pre-established behavior and rules.

The marketing/operations monitoring is responsible for:

  • Participating in a SM strategy engagement.
  • Reading data and making informed judgment that benefits the business owners.

Social Media interaction for small businesses is best when small businesses participate in a three way interaction:

One, get their employees to produce content about the business activity (Derek Overbey).

Two, out-source the marketing operation via

Three, target customers based on SM users’ behavior (Bill Mickey).

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